Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses with Vintage Embroidered Napkins - Mr. and Mrs.

Hot glue 2 crossed wheat stalks inside folded cardstock & insert wheat stalk ends into flower arrangement for a unique name tag holder.

Curly willow wrapped with fairy lights illuminate flowers and fruit arrangements in galvanized tin vases at a recent farm to heart fund raiser dinner

Hydrangeas, Dahlias and Queens Anne Lace in Galvanized vases

Nestle brass candlesticks among eucalyptus + creamy tulips, adding just a touch of blue flowers...

set your table with our lovely etched crystal glasses

Tulip Runner

Lay tulips on their side in a long clear glass vase to give a floating romantic look

I love the way our lovely floral dessert platter mimics the new hydrangea buds' colors

Easiest of all!   Place fresh cut flowers in full bloom with stems and leaves still attached around the base of a punch bowl.  Intersperse wax flowers to hide empty spots and add touches of color against the leaves.

​I love raffia!  It's so adaptable.  I wrapped several lengths around the neck of the ice tea dispenser, separating the ends of some and leaving some intact, giving it a feathery soft look.  Hot glue the leaves of a camelia, lemon or lime plant to the raffia - their leaves are study enough to take the hot glue gun heat and not tear.  Then hot glue some flowers to the leaves, placing the glue on the stems, not the petals....  Nice and easy - big impact!

Give a feminine touch to your table setting by tucking a few wax flowers inside the folds of a lace napkin...

Create a unique napkin ring with soft fabric rosettes.  Sew  2 ends of seam binding  together to make a circle, hot glue the fabric rossettes all around the circle.

We'd love to design your table for your event

For a fashion show, bridal shower, etc, dress up a mannequin with a tulle skirt, beautiful satin ribbon and lots and lots of pearls and bling!

Dress up a mannequin with pearls, tulle and satin

Our new burgundy vintage tea cup, sitting on the lip of our fountain, reflects the setting sun.

Raffia meet lace...

sew lace 'sleeves' and slip them onto mason jars; tie with raffia, use with wild flowers or baby's breathe.

or spray back of pretty paper with adhesive (3MM spray mount), roll on mason jar, hot glue pretty ribbon or lace on top and add flowers

Simple, easy, appreciated:  a gift for your guests

Tie a unique ribbon around your plate, napkin and a small scented bar of soap.  I chose lavender for Mother's Day.  I can almost smell that lovely scent again when I close my eyes!

Candles work on any table setting..and they make such a big impact when grouped together.  Wrap a wide ribbon in a color and texture to match the season or your table setting colors.  Try Green velvet during Christmas; Deep royal blue or Silver at New Years;  Orange grosgrain in Summer).  Fold the end of the ribbon under and secure with 2 pearl pins.  Surround with battery twinkle lights and tuck various greenery and berries in and around.  Stand back and listen to the ooohs and aahhs!

Hot glue strings of pearls, large and small, at an angle around a clear glass cylinder.  Our string of pearls was a bit heavy and tended to need lots of hot glue. spaced every 3-4 inches.  So we tried ribbons of bling and teal on some vases and that worked so much easier! On another size, wrap bling at alternating angels around the vase, then on a third tie ribbon and place dots of self sticking pearls down the front - imitating a tuxedo.   Group 3 various sizes of the vases on a silver platter draped with more pearls;  fill with water and a floating candle.  Looks spectacular!

Pearls Around Cylinder Candles
Silver Tray and Vintage Linen
China Rental